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litter from Lake FayettevilleDifferent year, same story. On the bright side, the number of participants for the Lake Fayetteville Cleanup is increasing. There were several groups of people with trash bags in hand and ready to venture down the rocky ledges and into the muck at the edge of the lake.

As usual, I found many plastic items where people sit and fish. Why they don’t bother to pick up their trash is beyond me. Honestly, would they want to eat a fish that had eaten tiny bits of plastic, cigarettes, and other debris?

group of young people below bridgeAmong the record-breaking 250 volunteers, there were groups of young people who descended the steep muddy slopes to grab litter below the bridge. I believe this was the first cleanup that I didn’t slide down there myself, so I was happy to see that this area was not neglected.

There has been no word yet on the amount of trash collected, but with this many volunteers and the amount of litter, we might have broken the record.


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litter on Lake FayettevilleThis photo shows why we need our fall and spring cleanups on Lake Fayetteville and other watersheds. This was one of the many areas where litter washes up on the shore.

This mix of plastics was retrieved during the Fall 2014 Lake Fayetteville Cleanup. If you’re interested in volunteering to keep the lake clean and safe for all species, check the Lake Fayetteville Watershed Partnership website for volunteer opportunities.  The work isn’t glamorous, but it sure is important and you’ll make the ducks and herons and turtles smile.

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