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232 Butts, Carolina Beach, 2-19-2011

232 butts beachside, 182 roadside

It’s not all rainbows and lollipops, you know.

This weekend’s pickup was split between the road and the beach for a total of 414 cigarette butts, a hypodermic needle, cups and bottles, and various beach toys.

While leaning over the boardwalk in an effort to snag one last butt, I heard the voice of a small child. The conversation went as follows:

Small child (to mother): What is she doing?
Mother: I don’t know.
Me: I’m picking up dolphin killers.
Small child: Dolphin killers?
Me: Yep. I’m picking up cigarette butts. They kill dolphins and other wildlife.
Small child: ewwwww.
Mother (to small child): Hear that? Stay away from cigarettes. They’re bad.
Small child: Yeah.

Later in the evening, I went back to the beach and saw several dolphins playing close to shore. I swear I heard them laughing.


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DVD of Desperate Housewives, 144 pack of lubricating jelly, Hardee's cup

Valentine's Day Preview? Litter Sucks.

One street, a trio huddled in the grass.

Words would only interfere.

You decide.

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152 cigarette butts on Carolina Beach, plus dental floss, straws, etc.

152 butts later, Carolina Beach

Today’s cleanup revealed the connection between oral fixation and litter.  What comes out of the mouth ends up on the sand.

There were cigarette butts, bottles, straws, and even dental floss, the simple stupid type that doesn’t even require the effort of unraveling and stretching between fingers. You can buy them in multi-packs, ever so disposable. How convenient is that?  Is it any wonder that people who use these devices would be too lazy to pick up their own debris?

For all the butts and straws and bottle caps found, there were a few bright spots, including a couple of people willing to talk about beach litter, and one who picked up a few butts herself.

From sand to hand.

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