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cigarette butts in the sand

These are not shells.

I met up with Danielle and her family, from It Starts With Me, at Access 36 on Wrightsville Beach for a 20-minute cleanup near the pier.

A total of 434 butts were retrieved, along with an assortment of straws, bottle caps, and a rag. Danielle found more than 40 butts in one location, where the restaurant workers take breaks. Different beach, same story, sad to say.

The upside was that I was in good company. Stay tuned as Danielle’s anti-litter adventures morph into a documentary in Our Daily Ocean: A Story of Butts.


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car parts, hypodermic needle, cigarette butts, bucket, and other trash
Carolina Beach Road wounds

Because litter doesn’t take a day off, neither do I. Today’s target area was the 7000 block median on Carolina Beach Road. This stretch toward Snow’s Cut seems to be a favorite dumping ground for thoughtless people.

There is a very long piece of red pvc pipe, which I had to leave on the side. If any of you locals can find a use for it, please head out that way. It resides on the right side as you drive toward CB.

In addition to the normal trash (especially cigarette butts), this afternoon’s haul included half a car, a bucket with some kind of sludge in it, a variety of springs and a hypodermic needle (junk from junkies).

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who pick up after yourselves and especially those who pick up after others.

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litter picked up from Carolina Beach

1135 cigarette butts removed from Carolina Beach

On November 20, a small group met at the gazebo on Carolina Beach and spent 30 minutes picking up litter. From afar, the sand looked clean, but it was a different story up close.

The results of this sweep:

  • 1135 cigarette butts
  • a few bottles and cans
  • a butter knife
  • a half dozen beer caps
  • a couple cups
  • accidental removal of a vitamin bottle that was posed for a promo shot, which the owner retrieved šŸ˜‰

It was interesting to note that there were clusters of people armed with similar pickup tools along the shore. One of them approached us and asked, “What kind of shells y’all findin'”? I said, “We’re picking up litter”. Her response, “Oh, uh” .

After the pickup, we planted ourselves on the sidewalk to count the luscious layers of butts.Ā Kudos to the bar owner who provided us with a broom to help out.

litter pickup tools

a few tools of the trade

So, another few minutes picking up litter results inĀ several hundred butts removed. Thanks to my partners in grime. I’m looking forward to the day when I can take a walk on the sand and come back empty-handed.

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541 cigarette butts, straws, plastic and a leg found at Access 443 on Kure Beach
541 cigarette butts, straws, plastic and a leg

On this sunny, warm November afternoon, I went for a short cleanup at Access 443 on Kure Beach. I was greeted by a high tide washing up hundreds of cigarette butts and other small items.

The sad part is that I picked up this same area last week and still I found 541 cigarette butts, most of them obviously freshly tossed.
In addition to the assorted colors of butts, some with and some without lipstick, there were a few straws, a spoon, a half dozen bottle caps, some pieces of plastic, and a leg.
We will see what next weekend’s cleanup reveals.

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sand piper and cigarette butts

Help clean up the beach for our birds.

Join some local folks on Saturday, November 20 for a short beach sweep. This is an informal group of people who will meet up and spread out on the island to pick up litter, with a focus on the dreaded cigarette butts.

You choose your favorite spot on the island, but the unofficial meeting place will be near the gazebo at the Carolina Beach boardwalk before 10 a.m. This is conveniently located close to the Pleasure Island Fresh Market, so you can do a little shopping for produce, baked goods, and other items before or after the sweep.

This is a no frills event. There are no prizes and no free food (at least not planned) and you should come prepared with gloves, trash bags, etc. Remember, we’re not just going for the big stuff, but the cigarette butts.

The time for this event will be 10 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. so it won’t take up much of your weekend, but the more people who show up, the bigger the impact will be. So, come out and meet some new people and kick a little butt on Pleasure Island.

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Congratulations to Danielle Richardet, a New Hanover County resident, for her winning entry about beach litter inĀ a contest sponsored by the Sundance Film Festival and Brita Water Filters. A film will be made about her family’s experiences cleaning up Wrightsville Beach.

Read more from WECT TV6.

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